First of all, I am very sorry that you are not satisfied with your product. If you’d like to make a return, please contact me via my Contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please tell me your name, the reason you are making a return, and what you would like to return. If you have purchased multiple items let me know if you will be returning just one item or the entire order.



  • A return must be initiated within 30 days of delivery of the product to receive a refund. The product must be returned in it’s original shipping packaging unless shipping damage to the packaging prevents so.


  • I will not accept returns due to any issue that is stated in the description of the item in it’s listing.  All product details are listed clearly in the product’s description, which you should see upon viewing the product / adding it to your cart. This includes things such as:
    • An item being larger or smaller than you anticipated
    • Prints being rolled and unframed (unless clearly stated)
    • Material type (for example, the paper prints are created on)
    • If you have any questions regarding a product listing please contact me.


A product must be returned to me in order to receive a refund for it, damaged or otherwise. I will refund the item once I have been notified by UPS that shipment back to me has started.


Products are sold on a first come- first served basis. If you would like to hold a product, please get ahold of me as soon as possible. There is no guarantee that I will be able to take the listing down before it is purchased, so here’s how this works:

  1. Contact me here to request a hold on an item.
  2. I will password protect the item as soon as possible so it cannot be purchased without the password, but again, there is no guarantee that I can hold it before someone else places an order on it.
  3. If by chance I was able to hold the item for you before it was purchased by someone else, then I will notify you. I can hold the item for up to 1 week before it will be relisted in my shop.
  4. I will email you the password to access the product so you can purchase it within the timeframe mentioned above.


I am open to art trades, but I am working with a limited budget here so please do not feel offended if I turn you down. Contact me here for details.


If you are interested in doing a social sharing trade, where you as an artist feature my work to your audience and I feature your work to mine, contact me here.